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90058 Lee Perfect Powder Measure £26.50

Lee Perfect Powder Measure is best for reloading rifle cases, can also be used for pistol cases.

Best for reloading rifle cases.
Throws charges from 2 to over 100 grains. Eliminates Cut Powder and Jerky Action. A soft elastomer wiper strikes off the metering chamber rather than cut the powder. You'll be surprised at how smoothly the rotor operates. More importantly, you will enjoy the most uniform of charges.

Meaningful Calibration 
A micrometer adjuster that reads directly in cubic centimeters. Just multiply the charge in grains by the cc for one grain and you have the setting. So very much better than a meaningless setting as most supply.

The metering chamber is the proper size for large rifle charges and the strike off opening small enough to work well with pistol size charges. The Lee Perfect Powder Measure works fine for charges from two grains to over 100 grains.

Lee Auto Disk Powder Measure designed primarily to reload handgun cases. Used with the Powder Through Expanding Die, Short Charging Die and Large Charging Die.
Includes 4 disks to adjust your charges with:
Disk A = .30 to .43 cc
Disk B = .46 to .66 cc
Disk C = .71 to 1.02 cc
Disk D = 1.09 to 1.57 cc
Note: If you are using the Auto-Disk Powder Measure on the Classic Turret Press, remember to also order the Auto-Disk Riser. The riser raises the Auto Disk powder measure higher above the mounting location on the Turret Press to provide clearance for use of the Safety Prime.
90699 Lee Deluxe Perfect powder measure £51.30
Rugged Construction
This powder measure features a high pressure die cast diamond-machined body. The precision-machined rotor drum is cast from brass, which is naturally antistatic and spark proof.
Eliminates Cut Powder and Jerky Action
A soft elastomer wiper strikes off the metering chamber rather than cut the powder. Youll be surprised at how smoothly the rotor operates. More importantly, you will enjoy the most uniform of charges.
050107 Hornady GS-1500 ELECTRONIC SCALE 1500 GRAIN £44.50
The Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Scale is a great scale for the reloader with limited bench space. The scale features a sleek, streamlined, compact design, to fit nicely on your reloading bench. The GS-1500 scale is battery powdered, so there are no cords to tangle up or get in your way. The huge 1500 grain capacity is large enough to handle virtually any reloading task.
90106 Lee RAM PRIME £12.80
Lee Ram Prime fits all brands of single station presses, for both large and small primers. Uses the Universal Shell Holders.
90230 aLee Auto Prime XR £23.00
Lee New Auto Prime hand priming tool is a fast, safe, and effective way of priming cases. Lee New Auto Prime uses inexpensive Lee Hand Prime shell holders only. Ships with 1 folding primer tray and 1 small and 1 large adapter. Includes a FREE black storage box to keep your priming tool shell holders and tool together.
90250 Lee ERGO PRIME £42.50
Premium hand held priming tool with all the features of the worlds most popular Auto-Prime, with a new ERGOnomic design. The Ergo-Prime has a highly sculpted body that fits your hand perfectly along with long smoothly contoured finger lever that easily installs the tightest primers. Includes 1 folding primer tray, 1 small adapter and 1 large adapter.
90700 Lee Auto Bench Prime tool £33.50
The easiest, most convenient bench mounted priming tool on the market. Symmetrical design allows effortless right or left hand operation. Comfortable lever with just the right amount of mechanical advantage effortlessly seats even the most difficult primers with just finger pressure. The perfect mechanical advantage to feel the primer seating completely home into the primer pocket.
PT1879 Lee A/P Thumb Lever for AUTO PRIME £3.00
A reloader never knows when a part might break. Be prepared for anything with high quality factory replacement parts that will have your Lee Auto Prime XR Hand Priming Tool priming like new.


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