MBR Sporting is an RFD based in the South West London/Surrey borders with regular deliveries to Bisley.

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All our prices on the website are updated regularly. If you get a warning from your browser about Active-X in this page, it's the controls for the menu, nothing sinister!

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Please call or email us and we'll get you a price on any of the follolwing:
  • firearms
  • shotguns.
  • air rifles and pistols
  • moderators
  • short term storage at £20 p/m & booking in/out fees (£15-£25 depending on distance)


We stock:
  • Primers from S&B, Magtech, Murom, CCI, Remington andFederal.
  • Bullets from Nosler, Lapua, S & B, Sierra, Hornady, Berger and Prvi.
  • Powder from Vihtavuori, Ramshot, Hodgdon(tiny!), Alliant and IMR.
To lessen the cost of powder & primer purchase, speak to your shooting friends and put a bulk order in, call for details.


We supply a wide range of ammunition at competitive rates. Please click on the menu above for ammunition in stock and current prices. If you can't find the ammo you want, email or call us and we'll get a competitive rate for you .
In stock is a wide range of PPU(Prvi Partizan), CCI - including AR Tactical, Quiet, Mini mag and segmented subsonics. Also Aguila, federal and Eley ammunition


Reloading equipment, Brattonsound cabinets, Cleaning kits, covers & cases, slings etc.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, call us and we'll try to get a competitive price for you

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We cannot ship to the USA at all. Anything even remotely shooting sports related (a bore brush for example) will get ITAR up, out and gnashing so it's just not worth the aggro

Please note, we do not accept gaypal due to their bizarre anti shooting sports policies.

A snippet from "Urban Dictonary" that I thought was apt regarding the above:

An irrational fear of weapons, generally guns, usually occuring as a result of a liberal upbringing or the fact that the person is just a wimp in general. Rather than deal with the fear said hoplophobe will assign human characteristics to a weapon ie "guns are evil" or "guns kill" to justify the fear rather than deal with the core problem of being a sissy.
Due to his aversion to weapons, all the police could do for young Seth the hoplophobe was chalk his cold dead body out on the floor as he had no defense for the thug that broke into his one bedroom apartment in San Fran, the police noted the irony in the fact that the killer had scored three hits in the "O" portion of Seth's OBAMA 08 T-shirt.